Tourism is a main community economic development driver that caters to business retention, expansion and investment attraction. The key is to bring local businesses, organizations and groups together working towards a common goal.  Although this might seem simple at first, once things get started the path to progress can get unclear.  This happens when communication challenges, cultural disparities, different opinions, competing interests and tight budgets start to take your vision out of focus, making the process feel impossible.

We understand

Streamlined Vision is passionate about bringing people together.  We strive to empower communities by guiding them through the visioning process and leaving a positive impact with the individuals and groups we work with.  Our goal is to help you to enhance community pride by promoting solid relationships that can lead to creative marketing campaigns, enhanced tourism product development and new investment opportunities.

Our mission is to empower communities to build a solid foundation on which they can expand their tourism industry and grow their local economy, leading to a prosperous future for their residents and businesses.

Does your community suffer from “Mountain or Lake Envy” – struggling to believe it can benefit by developing its tourism assets?

How we approach Tourism & Community Development Services

Successful destinations bring together their key local and regional stakeholders to determine and deliver a shared vision for tourism development.  Local governments, businesses and destination marketing organizations (DMOS) collaborate to share information and jointly strategize ways to create practical action plans that aim to grow their destinations.  

When everything is said and done, successful destinations are full of ambassadors who believe in, support and champion their communities as distinct destinations.

Tourism Strategies & Action Plans

One of the first steps we take when working with you to develop your destination is to define your community’s competitive advantage, with the goal of identifying potential new tourism development and investment opportunities.  We use this information to create destination development action plans that are realistic, unique, relevant, achievable, and linked to both local values and tourism industry trends. 

Too many times, strategic plans end up sitting on shelves collecting dust. 

We will help you walk the talk by building an action/implementation plan that will pull everything together at a pace and budget that suits your unique needs.

Tourism Inventories

Do you know how many of your businesses, events and attractions truly cater to your visitors? 

Let us do an inventory your community’s tourism assets – Chances are, our fresh set of eyes will reveal some overlooked local treasures.

New Product Development

If your resources are tight, we can help you to start on the path towards destination development by identifying new or under-leveraged market linkagess and community assets, and developing them into new tourism products including: innovative packages, tours and visitor programming that target your niche markets.

Destination Partnerships

The saying, “Together we are stronger” goes a long way, especially in tourism and community development. 

We specialize in working with rural communities and small businesses who are interested in exploring and developing destination development and marketing partnership opportunities.

Familiarization Tours & Itineraries

A well organized Familiarization (Fam) Tour can be a powerful tool to showcase your business and/or community to travel counselors, media and local front line staff, who can serve as ambassadors to your business, by sharing their own first hand experiences with the people they meet.

Event Development, Mentoring & Management

Events can be major attractions for any community, regardless of geography, attracting both residents and visitors on a year-round basis… – but what kind of events are realistic and feasible for you? Who will organize and manage them? Who will pay for them? How can a robust event calendar bring the vibe back into your community?

 Our event mentoring and management services can help you to grow existing assets into sustainable signature events that engage more of our businesses and community groups to attract new visitors to your community.

Pop-culture & Film Tourism

Has your community ever hosted a film or television production?  Did you know how to leverage this to become a film destination? One of our team members has had the unique experience of negotiating film tourism licensing agreements for 2 rural communities and can help you explore similar opportunities for your town. 

There is more money to be made!

Do you wonder if your community has what it takes to become a distinct destination, but aren’t sure where to start? Our tourism services team can help!

Community Marketing & Revitalization

Tourism is a very competitive landscape.  In a province that boasts world-class attractions like the Rocky Mountains, Royal Tyrell Museum, and the Calgary Stampede, it can be difficult for smaller rural communities to recognize their own destination potential.  However, with a bit of focussed visioning, often these communities are surprised to learn they have great potential to take part in a thriving visitor economy.

If this sounds like your town, our broad range of tourism services can help get you there.

4 steps to distinction

The process of becoming a distinct tourist destination can be as straightforward as following 4 steps:

Defining your unique tourism selling points;

  1. Researching the niche target markets that are looking for experiences like yours;
  2. Creating a living and breathing tourism brand that resonates with your target markets and that your business community can deliver on; and
  3. Communicating – your destination’s vision to your entire community (through public relations exercises, local events etc);
    Communicating – your brand promise to your local businesses and attractions – especially their front line staff and marketing departments (through branding workshops, customer service training, etc.); and
    Communicating – your message out to your target markets (with focussed and creative marketing plans).
How we can help get you there:

Our Streamlined Vision team follows these steps when guiding community leaders and stakeholders towards their tourism goals – whether it’s to attract more visitors, or to grow their local tourism industries.

Whether you are in growth mode, or just starting out on the path to becoming a distinct tourism destination, Streamlined Vision will work with you and your stakeholders to offer strategies and support that bring your vision into focussed reality.  Some of the community marketing & revitalization services, projects and initiatives we offer include:

Visitor Experience Assessments

Let us secret shop your destination and evaluate your readiness to welcome visitors and newcomers. We provide a full evaluation followed by a workshop for businesses and frontline staff to share our findings and receive tips and tools to become strong community ambassadors.

Community Engagement

Sometimes it can be challenging to engage your business community in local events and other programming.  This can lead to disappointed visitors, and missed opportunities for merchants to invite new customers through their doors. 

Customer Service Training & Workshops

Tourism is a people-first industry. How well do your front line staff understand the important role they play in shaping the story visitors will share about your town?  

We provide customized workshops for retailers, small businesses and frontline staff catering to customers and visitors.

Destination Marketing & Social Media Management

There are hidden gems every place – let us help you polish off yours and tell the world your story! Looking for coordinating your marketing tools, creating collateral, video clips, and ads, need to get brochures distributed? Wondering what type of ads and where to advertise so it makes sense? Want to reach your target market? Interested in compelling marketing material? Is social media overwhelming you? – We will get you sorted and set up for success!

Learn from the past ~ Explore the present ~ Prepare for the future

The Streamlined Vision Team can help you turn your business and community development dreams into reality.

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